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Win a car with just one click!

A mouse click is depression of a button on a computer mouse. Simple yet this is all it takes to win yourself a brand spanking new Volkswagen Golf GTI. Yep, that almost effortless thing you did just to get to this site could win you a new German car BUT you have to be the fastest!

Achtung! and Volkswagen Netherlands have created the Catch a Volkswagen GTI in a Banner to win it campaign to launch the new model. They have staged an actual race within the physical world within the banner ads of the top 4 Dutch websites. The websites were painted on the runway of Airport Twente, each 20 metres wide and 25 metres long which a real car will race through. Users are induced to chase the GTI as it speeds through the banner spaces of the real sites and with a single mouse click, catch the real car, online. The fastest clicker wins the car.

With 77% of online display ads never seen and consumers only spending an average of 1.7 seconds looking at the ads if seen, it is clear, that these banners need to be more engaging. Achtung! and Volkswagen Netherlands have come up the fun, playful game campaign that reengages consumers to pay attention to the banners of these top 4 sites. This is an excellent idea to promote the new model eliciting excitement and creating a spirited competition that also demonstrate the features of the car.

We all see the online banners clogging up our website pages every day and if you’re like me you just ignore them most of the time. To the marketer who has paid money for me to see that ad banner, how effective was your investment if I’m most likely to overlook it? Clearly not very. Marketers need to look into creating exciting ad banners that allow for engagement so that more than 23% on average are seen and marketing investments stop going unnoticed.

Promise to take me for a spin if you win the car! Give me your thoughts on this and check back soon. Like! Comment! Share! 

Until next time lovelies