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Breaking Bad and e-marketing?

Two posts in 2 days! I know, how lucky right? But this is just too good not to blog about, the show Breaking Bad. I’m sure you’ve all heard of the hit  series and how could you not with 4th season finale having a record 2.9 MILLION views! Like it or not know about it (because there is no way you could not like it) some of the television series success can be attributed to rewarding viral promotion and online buzz.

In case you’ve found living under a rock a comfortable lifestyle and have no idea what the show is about, have a read about the show In short,  it’s about high school chemistry teacher who realises he’s been wasting his life after being diagnosed with cancer after having a meltdown, he ditches his old life and starts his own drug lab.

In order to promote season 1 a personalised webcam message from Walt insisting viewers to live their life to the fullest could be sent to a friend. The humorous yet inspiring videos that use personal details submitted by the friend generated interest and curiosity about the show to thousands of people. If you missed out you can still get a video at Here’s one that was sent to me and gave me a giggle, thanks Tim:

For season 2 viral campaign was launched on where users could go online and meet Walt Using an interactive and personal video in which they are warned an sworn to secrecy after catching Walt cook Meth, Here’s an example video:

In conjunction to this, a charity website was set up at

To promote season 3 a website was devoted to Bob Odenkirk’s character Saul is a shady, criminal lawyer famous for his overthe top late-night television commercials. This site includes legal advice, fashion tips, customer testimonials and more all related to the show and presented in a humorous manner.

Currently the show is in it’s 5th and final season, I know sad face we never want it to end. But with the final twist about to be revealed, like most shows much anticipation and guessing by fans is underway. However taking to the next level is: This site allows viewers to bet (with no use money, just fun) what will happen in the final and compare against friends and others participating, similar to fantasy football. While it’s not run by AMC, who program the show it is generating a lot of virtual buzz. It can be connected and shared with Facebook so all your friends can join in.

These campaigns have involved the audience online, taking it a set further than just watching the show. These sites have allowed audiences to live the show., bringing personalised messages from the characters and guessing the endings implicates them online to the program like never before and can be seen as a factor of the show’s success.

The marketing of TV shows needs to increase online as more and more shows are being watched online. BB is a great example of how this can be done!


With any luck you haven’t already know about all these campaigns and this only makes you more excited about the finale!  Give me your thoughts on this and check back soon. Like! Comment! Share! 

Until next time lovelies

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