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The Headline News Coffee Sleeve

What are two things the contemporary people love in the morning? Freshly brewed coffee and fresh news! I see people every morning rushing around with a cup of coffee in one hand and their mobile checking what is the latest in the other just trying not to drop everything or have to use their hands for anything else. Well Gulf News and Tim Horton’s coffee have partnered up to make this process a little easier for these people. The coffee shops prints current Gulf news tweets (updated hourly) from around the world onto their coffee sleeves, the Headline News Coffee Sleeve.

  • More than a million sleeves have been printed

  • There are more than 2900 new gulf news followers on twitter

  • Gulf news web traffic is up more than 41%.

  • There are 2.8% more subscriptions to Gulf news

This is very new and creative coloration on behalf of both of these companies that aims to give an added value to consumers and appears to be quite successful with them expanding the program. While it is a clear idea that will generate buzz for the companies, I feel this is just a novelty effect.  It is just something new and exciting to try that you’ll just get sick of. It’s really not that difficult to pull your phone out and you could have the entire Gulf news Twitter feed and more and the touch of your fingertips. I think once the hype blows over that’s what everyone will go back to doing. On top of that I’m a bit of a greenie and the paper wastage those paper sleeves make is astronomical!

Would you guys try it more than once or twice? Is it not just a novelty effect? Give me your thoughts on this, vote below and check back soon. Like! Comment! Share! 

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Facebook: More ads and less users

Does your Facebook seem any different lately? Did they change the font? No. Move something around? No.  More advertising? YES. While there are not more ads, FB has increased the size of the ads.

Since last Tuesday, the FB ads have a 3.5 times larger image along with the normal ad text. The ads have become more prominent affecting the appearance your newsfeeds. This adjustment will also affect how marketers use FB as an advertising platform. Ad specs for ads on both desktop and mobile will now be harmonious and advertisers can create different types ads and campaigns using one image size. FB now aims to increase ad clicks to the advertisers site and now anywhere that you clicks on ad’s image or text it will take you to the advertiser’s page.

Currently, Facebook is the largest and most engaging social media in Australia and worldwide. However, new social media platforms are up and coming such as YouTube, Twitter, Google Plus, Instragram and Tumblr and are stealing FB’s thunder! Statistics show that Facebook is losing users in Australia and introducing larger ads is not going to help this. After the introduction of ads on my newsfeed I’ve felt I can’t get away from the all FB ads and the now they’re going to get larger they are only going to become unavoidable and annoying! This shift in advertising may send FB on the same road as MySpace.

Give me your thoughts on this and check back soon. Like! Comment! Share! 

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