This blog discusses e-marketing issues but you may be thinking what exactly is e-marketing?

Email marketing? Social media? All marketing on the internet? Well it is that and so much more!

The term e-marketing and digital marketing are used interchangeable and can be defined as the use of information communication technologies (ICT) to understand, create, communicate and deliver value to customers and the organisation (Wags, 2013).  It uses television, radio, Internet, mobile, blogs, search engines, email marketing and any form of digital media to reach customers in a timely, relevant, personal and cost-effective manner.

This digital revolution has transformed the way we shop by giving consumers choice and power and allowing communities to be built online to strengthen individual power.

Not only that, it has completely transformed marketing as a whole. Products are now mass customized for consumers and there are digital only products. Consumers can now easily and readily compare prices. There is increased efficiency of the distribution of digital and non-digital products. And finally, it has allowed for the fast and efficient dissemination of information (communication) to promote brands and their products.

As you can see this is defiantly something to talk about and this is what I will be doing throughout my. So keep T-marketing bookmarked and stayed tuned!


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