Your post makes me smile or maybe frown


We don’t always “like” everything on our social media feeds but in response to others posts it is all we can do, until now… the new Aussi app, moodswing now allows social networkers to more than ‘like’ posts, we can now smile or frown  to show how we feel about social media posts. Launched a week ago, the app has gained almost 90,000 members who can now add an emotional dimension to they’re social networking.

This is definitely something social media users have wanted, there is even a Facebook page I wish there was dislike button. The co-founders Jake McKeon, 24, and Ricky Jessop, 25, knew it offers users a point of difference and that they have tapped into a little niche market others have yet to progress to.  

Social media is all about connection and sharing and we can now better connect and share our emotions with others on social media platforms. The app has the potential to completely transform social media as we know it and I expect exciting things to follow. Personally this is something  I’ve been craving and think will do wonders for social spaces but we’ll have to see how it goes.

For brands this allows them to receive more detailed feedback on their social media content so consumers can be better targeted and tailor online posts, offers and promotions to suit. Improvements can be made on posts that receive lots of frowns and turned into smiles. This should also lead to better market research. While initially getting negative feedback may be disheartening it will allow brands to develop, grow and improve their brand social media spaces.

I hope you would smile at this post. Give me your thoughts on this, and check back soon. Like! Comment! Share! 

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  1. Ohhhh I was just about to do my post about moodswing… you beat me to it!!! Definitely has the opportunity to transform social media, I mean sometimes I love a status/post/photo but cant be bothered commenting on it and this app enable users to indicate their feelings, how wonderful! I’m interested to see if it will be successfully adopted by users and whether or not it actually becomes an essential element to social media platforms.

    • I’ve seen enough status and groups to see that this is something that people want. Showing our feelings should add new meaning to how we connect and share and with almost 90,000 members in just over a week it looks like it is going to take off, I certainly hope it does! Bronte, whats your guess? Takeoff or flop?
      Thanks for commenting 🙂

  2. Very interesting topic, it’d be fantastic if facebook could implement buttons like this!

  3. I hope Facebook do NOT implement buttons like this, could increase the chances of cyber bullying, and lets face it; we all get a kick out of facebook likes, not sure how my ego would go if I am receiving dislikes. Very negative 😦
    HOWEVER: awesome post ! Im glad you found this as it has been spoken about so much online, nice to see that facebook is responding to hot topics frequently commented about

    • In the approach to moodswing, I feel that they have taken this view into consideration. While most people wanted a dislike button which is actually quite negative only allows you to frown on a post which isn’t so bad. It is something people have wanted and so, like crocs, if ppl want it it will happen, even if you don’t like it. Hopefully it won’t be abused and contribute to the cyber bullying problem.
      Thanks for your thoughts 🙂

  4. I like the sound of this, ever since the ‘ i wish there was a dislike button’ i have been waiting for something like this as its just the next logical step in social media…. giving the people what they want. My only concern is the negative affect it may have for and on brands, if people frown or dislike their posts…. Good post, defiantly want to check this out.

    • While receiving frowns may be initially a bad things for brands, they can use the feedback like market research to improve future posts. I feel it will be a good thing for brands as they can now get a better idea of what ppl don’t like on their social spaces. They can use the frowns to reflect upon what is and isn’t working and hopefully turn them into smiles 🙂
      Thanks for commenting Maddy! if you download the app tell me what you think of it.

  5. Hi Taylah! It seems as though anyone and anything could be successful by offering something that people want 😛 It is really interesting where emarketers using social media could use stats obtained from (smiles, likes, dislikes) to check out their progress in the social world as well as market!

    • Hey Danson! This is a great point! Currently, it’s quite difficult to do market research of social media and this will allow for more detailed stats, something great for emarketers! It will allow them to improve and develop social spaces and tailor and target to the their markets.This will benefit the consumers as well who will be exposed to content more suited to them.
      Thanks for commenting 🙂

  6. Interesting concept, as much as people may want this, you have to wonder – what about the other side of things. Could this lead to more cyberbullying? Will this make people too afraid to post things up for fear of being ridiculed? Just curious – does the app use Facebook, or is it its own platform?

    • I defiantly think the creators of this app have taken this view into consideration. While most people wanted a dislike button which is actually quite negative only allows you to frown on a post which isn’t so bad. It is something people have wanted and so, like crocs, if ppl want it it will happen, even if you don’t like it. Hopefully it won’t !be abused and contribute to the cyber bullying problem or leave people hesitant to post.
      I believe moodswing brings up your FB newsfeed through the app.

  7. I’ve always wanted on of those on my facebook! i must check it out! thanks

  8. Really cool app. Truly endorsed the efforts of digital marketing and its trends! quality post

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