The new kid on the block: Vine

Launching in late-January this year, the newest social media platform on the block is Vine. The mobile app owned by Twitter allows users to post and view short videos of up to 6 seconds long per video. I’m sure you’ve seen some of the videos popping up on your Facebook, Twitter and other internet media formats and had a good laugh or two  but the platform creates an excellent opportunity for brands to drive engagement with their consumers.

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19 year old student studying at Monash University to become a future marketing master!

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  1. I actually have been on Vine for a few months now – it’s definitely a great place for humour and light-hearted content and I’ve seen some super effective videos that brands have posted by having someone take over their account for a certain period of time!! Compared to Instragram’s video features, Vine is even more so for quick entertainment and clever 6-second clips that have given rise to Vine celebs such as BatDad 🙂

    • Yes, some brands are doing some great things. What would be your favorite so far? I deferentially prefer it to insta videos. Everyone is so busy but to get a laugh in 6 secs is totally justified.

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