Dumb ways to die, not dumb marketing!

So I’m sure you all know of Metro’s dumb ways to die video. “Dumb ways to dies, so many dumb ways to die” yeah I bet that annoying jingle is going through your head right now. But did you know that the three-minute short video to teach people to be careful around trains, became the world’s most shared video within days. The viral video was realized on YouTube in November 2012 and within a week had over 20 million views.

I also bet you didn’t that:

  • The song was released on ITunes and rose on the charts in over 25 countries

  • Over 200 covers we’re performed and released online

  • At the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, it won a record five Grand Prix awards, 18 Gold Lions, three Silver Lions and two Bronze Lions, which is the most ever awarded to one campaign in the festival’s

  • A smart phone/Tablet app was created

  • Schools have been using it as a teaching tool

  • A tumbler blog was devoted to the video

  • A children’s book version was released

The video was combined with outdoor advertising, consisting of signs posters and even a karaoke version at train stations which was used to generate masses of social media content on sites including Instragram, Twitter, Tumbler and Facebook. All of these aspects of the campaign allowed this to become the most shared and one of the most successful public service campaigns in history. Greatest of all, Metro Trains reports a 21 percent reduction in accidents and deaths since the campaign began.

This campaign shows how viral media is on the up and coming! It is very interesting how viral videos and video sharing are now being Incorporated into advertising. There are heaps of examples of how other companies are using these videos to promote themselves and what will we see in the future is exciting!

While there is little research on why viral videos get shared here is a link a quite long, somewhat boring research article that can help explain why if you’re interested: http://www.jiad.org/downloadee5b.pdf?p=142

Hopefully that was a little something you didn’t know about a video you just thought was just funny and cute.  Give me your thoughts on this and check back soon. Like! Comment! Share! 

Until next time lovelies

And a funny parody:

Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UfA_Qs3qeos





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  1. I was amazed that my friend from overseas shared the “dumb ways to die” video with me before I had even seen it! I agree that viral media is only growing, viral videos are very powerful and effective brand exposure tools!

  2. Viral videos are a great way for a brand to get exposure. Or, like in this case, an idea/important message. What do you think are some tips for something to ‘go viral’?

    • It’s defiantly a platform that marketers should be exploring. At the end of the day most videos that will be shared provide entertainment value and that should be a key element of any video wanting to go viral. This could come from humor, shock, cuteness, happy image etc. I have linked an article of some exploratory research in the post if you want some further reading. Good question! Thanks 🙂

  3. that’s really interesting

  4. Hi Taylah! I do agree with the impact that viral videos can bring upon its targeted segments. The ‘dumb ways to die’ campaign, despite how it remained a shocker to me when I first saw it (and went on to wonder how would it succeed), was persistent and has been stuck in my mind ever since! I guess it worked in passing on the message to be safe among trains =P

    Viral videos are like free advertising in some form or another!

    • Hey Danson 🙂 For Metro this was more than free advertising, Metro actually profited over $600,000 from relations of the campaign including the iphone app, itunes song etc. Now that’s pretty amazing! Thanks for the comment 🙂

  5. Wow, what an awesome read, very interesting! Can’t wait to read further blogs 🙂

  6. Thanks for sharing the fun video. It’s very catchy and I can understand why it went viral.

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