Everyone loves memes including marketers!


Everyone loves a good meme. Personally, I can’t get enough of the angry cat. They give you a fast bit of light entertainment all in one image, who could not like that? They are a huge trend filling our social media spaces and like most trends, marketers are jumping on the brand wagon and using them to promote their own brand!


Memes are relatively inexpensive to create and share and can be used to create awareness of their brand in online conversations. The branded content has the potential to go viral and/or create buzz or word-of-mouth around a product or service at a low cost by leveraging on the spreading nature of the pop culture item featured in the meme.


When using memes, brands want to ensure that:

  • the meme connects with their target audience

  • they jump on the meme quickly to avoid burnout or aversion from your audience 

  • use measurement technique to evaluate how the use of memes compares to other forms of communication 

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Your post makes me smile or maybe frown


We don’t always “like” everything on our social media feeds but in response to others posts it is all we can do, until now… the new Aussi app, moodswing now allows social networkers to more than ‘like’ posts, we can now smile or frown  to show how we feel about social media posts. Launched a week ago, the app has gained almost 90,000 members who can now add an emotional dimension to they’re social networking.

This is definitely something social media users have wanted, there is even a Facebook page I wish there was dislike button. The co-founders Jake McKeon, 24, and Ricky Jessop, 25, knew it offers users a point of difference and that they have tapped into a little niche market others have yet to progress to.  

Social media is all about connection and sharing and we can now better connect and share our emotions with others on social media platforms. The app has the potential to completely transform social media as we know it and I expect exciting things to follow. Personally this is something  I’ve been craving and think will do wonders for social spaces but we’ll have to see how it goes.

For brands this allows them to receive more detailed feedback on their social media content so consumers can be better targeted and tailor online posts, offers and promotions to suit. Improvements can be made on posts that receive lots of frowns and turned into smiles. This should also lead to better market research. While initially getting negative feedback may be disheartening it will allow brands to develop, grow and improve their brand social media spaces.

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The new kid on the block: Vine

Launching in late-January this year, the newest social media platform on the block is Vine. The mobile app owned by Twitter allows users to post and view short videos of up to 6 seconds long per video. I’m sure you’ve seen some of the videos popping up on your Facebook, Twitter and other internet media formats and had a good laugh or two  but the platform creates an excellent opportunity for brands to drive engagement with their consumers.

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The Headline News Coffee Sleeve

What are two things the contemporary people love in the morning? Freshly brewed coffee and fresh news! I see people every morning rushing around with a cup of coffee in one hand and their mobile checking what is the latest in the other just trying not to drop everything or have to use their hands for anything else. Well Gulf News and Tim Horton’s coffee have partnered up to make this process a little easier for these people. The coffee shops prints current Gulf news tweets (updated hourly) from around the world onto their coffee sleeves, the Headline News Coffee Sleeve.

  • More than a million sleeves have been printed

  • There are more than 2900 new gulf news followers on twitter

  • Gulf news web traffic is up more than 41%.

  • There are 2.8% more subscriptions to Gulf news

This is very new and creative coloration on behalf of both of these companies that aims to give an added value to consumers and appears to be quite successful with them expanding the program. While it is a clear idea that will generate buzz for the companies, I feel this is just a novelty effect.  It is just something new and exciting to try that you’ll just get sick of. It’s really not that difficult to pull your phone out and you could have the entire Gulf news Twitter feed and more and the touch of your fingertips. I think once the hype blows over that’s what everyone will go back to doing. On top of that I’m a bit of a greenie and the paper wastage those paper sleeves make is astronomical!

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Sources: https://www.openforum.com/articles/getting-your-news-on-your-coffee-cup/

TARGET! Do you hit the mark?

So last week I made a collaboration video with the blogger What Miss K Thinks! We chose to analyse the company Target with regards to their social media strategies. Check it out below:

We had a lot of fun making this video and while it was a challenge but it enhanced our learning of online media and content optimization. And, Here are the bloopers just for some laughs.

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Facebook: More ads and less users

Does your Facebook seem any different lately? Did they change the font? No. Move something around? No.  More advertising? YES. While there are not more ads, FB has increased the size of the ads.

Since last Tuesday, the FB ads have a 3.5 times larger image along with the normal ad text. The ads have become more prominent affecting the appearance your newsfeeds. This adjustment will also affect how marketers use FB as an advertising platform. Ad specs for ads on both desktop and mobile will now be harmonious and advertisers can create different types ads and campaigns using one image size. FB now aims to increase ad clicks to the advertisers site and now anywhere that you clicks on ad’s image or text it will take you to the advertiser’s page.

Currently, Facebook is the largest and most engaging social media in Australia and worldwide. However, new social media platforms are up and coming such as YouTube, Twitter, Google Plus, Instragram and Tumblr and are stealing FB’s thunder! Statistics show that Facebook is losing users in Australia and introducing larger ads is not going to help this. After the introduction of ads on my newsfeed I’ve felt I can’t get away from the all FB ads and the now they’re going to get larger they are only going to become unavoidable and annoying! This shift in advertising may send FB on the same road as MySpace.

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Win a car with just one click!

A mouse click is depression of a button on a computer mouse. Simple yet this is all it takes to win yourself a brand spanking new Volkswagen Golf GTI. Yep, that almost effortless thing you did just to get to this site could win you a new German car BUT you have to be the fastest!

Achtung! and Volkswagen Netherlands have created the Catch a Volkswagen GTI in a Banner to win it campaign to launch the new model. They have staged an actual race within the physical world within the banner ads of the top 4 Dutch websites. The websites were painted on the runway of Airport Twente, each 20 metres wide and 25 metres long which a real car will race through. Users are induced to chase the GTI as it speeds through the banner spaces of the real sites and with a single mouse click, catch the real car, online. The fastest clicker wins the car.

With 77% of online display ads never seen and consumers only spending an average of 1.7 seconds looking at the ads if seen, it is clear, that these banners need to be more engaging. Achtung! and Volkswagen Netherlands have come up the fun, playful game campaign that reengages consumers to pay attention to the banners of these top 4 sites. This is an excellent idea to promote the new model eliciting excitement and creating a spirited competition that also demonstrate the features of the car.

We all see the online banners clogging up our website pages every day and if you’re like me you just ignore them most of the time. To the marketer who has paid money for me to see that ad banner, how effective was your investment if I’m most likely to overlook it? Clearly not very. Marketers need to look into creating exciting ad banners that allow for engagement so that more than 23% on average are seen and marketing investments stop going unnoticed.

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Breaking Bad and e-marketing?

Two posts in 2 days! I know, how lucky right? But this is just too good not to blog about, the show Breaking Bad. I’m sure you’ve all heard of the hit  series and how could you not with 4th season finale having a record 2.9 MILLION views! Like it or not know about it (because there is no way you could not like it) some of the television series success can be attributed to rewarding viral promotion and online buzz.

In case you’ve found living under a rock a comfortable lifestyle and have no idea what the show is about, have a read about the show http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0903747/. In short,  it’s about high school chemistry teacher who realises he’s been wasting his life after being diagnosed with cancer after having a meltdown, he ditches his old life and starts his own drug lab.

In order to promote season 1 a personalised webcam message from Walt insisting viewers to live their life to the fullest could be sent to a friend. The humorous yet inspiring videos that use personal details submitted by the friend generated interest and curiosity about the show to thousands of people. If you missed out you can still get a video at www.waltswisdom.com. Here’s one that was sent to me and gave me a giggle, thanks Tim: http://www.waltswisdom.com/blog/2008/2908vytkjq

For season 2 viral campaign was launched on www.waltswarning.com where users could go online and meet Walt Using an interactive and personal video in which they are warned an sworn to secrecy after catching Walt cook Meth, Here’s an example video:

In conjunction to this, a charity website was set up at www.savewalterwhite.com.

To promote season 3 a website was devoted to Bob Odenkirk’s character Saulwww.bettercallsaul.com. Saul is a shady, criminal lawyer famous for his overthe top late-night television commercials. This site includes legal advice, fashion tips, customer testimonials and more all related to the show and presented in a humorous manner.

Currently the show is in it’s 5th and final season, I know sad face we never want it to end. But with the final twist about to be revealed, like most shows much anticipation and guessing by fans is underway. However taking to the next level is: http://www.bettingbad.com/. This site allows viewers to bet (with no use money, just fun) what will happen in the final and compare against friends and others participating, similar to fantasy football. While it’s not run by AMC, who program the show it is generating a lot of virtual buzz. It can be connected and shared with Facebook so all your friends can join in.

These campaigns have involved the audience online, taking it a set further than just watching the show. These sites have allowed audiences to live the show., bringing personalised messages from the characters and guessing the endings implicates them online to the program like never before and can be seen as a factor of the show’s success.

The marketing of TV shows needs to increase online as more and more shows are being watched online. BB is a great example of how this can be done!


With any luck you haven’t already know about all these campaigns and this only makes you more excited about the finale!  Give me your thoughts on this and check back soon. Like! Comment! Share! 

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Coke is everywhere, even online

We’ve all grown up with the famous cola drink, Coca-Cola. It sold in over 200 countries and the red and white Coca-Cola logo is recognised by 94% of the world’s population. Around the world, the average person consumes a Coke product every four days. The product originally intended as a patent medicine has become the 84th largest economy in the world with the brand worth being an estimated $74 billion that is more than Budweiser, Pepsi, Starbucks and Red Bull combined.

The company first introduced in 1886 has had to adapt and change over time in order to stay current with their clientele. As their clients move online so must Coke and successfully they have done so with a number of campaigns, here are 6:

1)   Share a Coke

A new Coke campaign has been released in Israel where a the robot avatar can participate in activities for you, when you can’t actually be there in person. This is Coca-Cola’s Social Robot, that gave Israel’s teens the chance to participate in the fun of the Coca-Cola Summer Love Festival, from their computers at home.  Teenagers could virtually walk around the festival using the robot to meet friends, try activities, watch the shows and have real conversations with those at the festival. It uses webcam to allow the person to have a virtual face at the event. A very new, inventive idea that highlighted how Coke can add to fun to social situations and reinforces brand values.

2)   Share a Coke

The global campaign which has now been running for two years gave consumers the chance to order personalised Coke products using Facebook with some countries changing the labels of retail products to have the common names on them.

In Australia only, in addition to the share a Coke campaign, working with Spotify, Coke introduced   the share a Coke, share a song promotion. Consumers could share a song from the past 50 years. Using the QR code on their Coke product they could unlock the song and share it with friends on Facebook and Twitter. This gave incentive to buy the product and highlighted the brands liaison with music and social events.


3)   Happiness machine

Rigged Coke vending machines were set up in various locations around the world and dispensed not only Coke but also gifts including drinks, pizza, flowers and giant subs to create online buzz while predominately displaying the Coke label and associating Coke to happiness and making goodwill for Coke.

4)   The Ahh Effect

This campaign uses a series of online games aimed at teenagers that create fun, short, ‘snackable’ games that all involve the Coke’s products. This is Coke’s first completely digital campaign and it plans to go for several years. The game has been promoted through sites such as Twitter, Buzzfeed and Vevo creating advertising and endorsement for the Coke brand among Teens.


5)   2012 Super Bowl

During the 2012 game, Coke had two polar bears (used previously in Coke ads) reacting to the game in real time. Viewers could interact with the bears by asking questions on Facebook and Twitter. Coke live streamed the footage on ad banners on ESPN, had a microsite and used social media channels to broadcast the bears. By the third quarter over 600,000 people were watching live stream. In whole, 9 million consumers viewed the broadcast using the different medias.


6)   The friendship experiment

Coke China introduced the friendship experiment where photographer Kurt Tang took beautiful photos that showed a strong connection and bond of people who before having some Coke had never met before and Coke is shown to bond these people.

Other successful online Coke campaigns you can check out: Coke Zone, King of the recycle, London 2012 & Tweet your Christmas wish. Give me your thoughts on this and check back soon. Like! Comment! Share! 

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Dumb ways to die, not dumb marketing!

So I’m sure you all know of Metro’s dumb ways to die video. “Dumb ways to dies, so many dumb ways to die” yeah I bet that annoying jingle is going through your head right now. But did you know that the three-minute short video to teach people to be careful around trains, became the world’s most shared video within days. The viral video was realized on YouTube in November 2012 and within a week had over 20 million views.

I also bet you didn’t that:

  • The song was released on ITunes and rose on the charts in over 25 countries

  • Over 200 covers we’re performed and released online

  • At the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, it won a record five Grand Prix awards, 18 Gold Lions, three Silver Lions and two Bronze Lions, which is the most ever awarded to one campaign in the festival’s

  • A smart phone/Tablet app was created

  • Schools have been using it as a teaching tool

  • A tumbler blog was devoted to the video

  • A children’s book version was released

The video was combined with outdoor advertising, consisting of signs posters and even a karaoke version at train stations which was used to generate masses of social media content on sites including Instragram, Twitter, Tumbler and Facebook. All of these aspects of the campaign allowed this to become the most shared and one of the most successful public service campaigns in history. Greatest of all, Metro Trains reports a 21 percent reduction in accidents and deaths since the campaign began.

This campaign shows how viral media is on the up and coming! It is very interesting how viral videos and video sharing are now being Incorporated into advertising. There are heaps of examples of how other companies are using these videos to promote themselves and what will we see in the future is exciting!

While there is little research on why viral videos get shared here is a link a quite long, somewhat boring research article that can help explain why if you’re interested: http://www.jiad.org/downloadee5b.pdf?p=142

Hopefully that was a little something you didn’t know about a video you just thought was just funny and cute.  Give me your thoughts on this and check back soon. Like! Comment! Share! 

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And a funny parody:

Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UfA_Qs3qeos